Senin, 03 Oktober 2011


Nama Anggota :
1.    Ageng
2.    Nurul
3.    Sari
4.    Sidi

Situation 1 : classmate
Sidi    : Hai Nurul, Sari, what are you doing?
Nurul    : Hei Sidi, you make me shocked. I and Sari are doing some task from lecture.
Sidi    : Oh, I see. I’m already did it yesterday
Sari    : wow, that’s great. Emm, by the way.. who is this guy with you?
Sidi    : oh, sorry. I forget. This is Ageng, he’s my cousin. Ageng this is Nurul and Sari.
Ageng    : I’m Angeng. Nice to meet you
Nurul and Sari : Nice to Meet you to Ageng
Sari    : So, where are you come from Ageng?
Ageng    : I’m from cetral of java,
Nurul    : wow. That is far. So, what are you doing here?
Ageng    : I just came here to have holiday
Sari    : Em, are you not study? I mean what is your school?
Ageng    : I study at Senior Hight School 9 Yogyakarta
Sidi    : Okey, i think it’s enough.  Sorry but we have to go to the market to buy something
Sari    : oh wait, when you get back to central of Java
Ageng    : i think at this weekend
Nurul    : okey, see you later
Sidi and Ageng : See you

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