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Read the text below carefully

Keeping fit

Exercise helps feel good in mind and body. It helps you to control your weight and strengthens your muscles, heart and bones. It can be good fun too.
When your exercise, your muscles work harder. You muscle cells need to release more energy so they respire faster. Some of the energy released by respiration makes you warmer. So your body becomes hotter when you exercise.

The flow of blood around your body is called your circulation. Your heart beats faster and moves blood more quickly round your body as you train.

Muscles make your body move by pulling on bones that are held to other bones at joints. You need to be able to bend and straighten your arm at your elbow. For this you have to muscles, your biceps and triceps. Most joint are worked by pairs of muscles, biceps to bend it and triceps to straighten it.
This is because muscles can only make your body move when they shorten or contract. To avoid our muscle strained we have to do warm-up before doing exercise.

If your not very active now, you must build up slowly. Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week. The more you exercise, the fitter you will become.

19. are  these  statements true or false based on the text above ?

1.    we can keep our health without exercise.
2.    we can maintain our weight by doing exercise.
3.    doing exercise is only good for our muscles, heart and bones.
4.    we can move because our muscles are joined together .
5.    regular exercise will do us good.

20. Answer these questions based on the text above.
1.    why do we need to do exercise?
2.    what are the advantages of doing exercise?
3.    what happens to our heart when we do exercise?
4.    why do we need two muscles, biceps and triceps, to move?
5.    what does the writer suggest to us to keep healty?

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