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ENGLISH COURSES Asking for Information

>>used to ask some information to any person directly or by phone
There are a number of formulas used when asking for information in English. Here are other expressions you can use to asking for informasion:
•    Could you tell me...?
•    Do you know...?
•    I'd like to know...
•    Could you find out...?
•    Could anyone tell me…?
•    Can you tell me…?
•    Will you tell me… (please)?
DIALOG: Asking for information.
Marc: Excuse me. Can you help me. I'm looking for the windsurfing centre?
Eloi  : Ah, yes, the windsurfing centre is at Platja D'aro beach. Do you know the beach?
Marc: Not really, no.
Eloi  : Let me show you on the map. It's here, look.
Marc: Ok. Great. And where's the cinema?
Eloi  : Erm, there's a cinema in Girona, next to the Hospital Bufill.
Marc: Ok, great. Thanks very much.

In the dialog, the young man asks for information by saying, “Do you know the way to get out of this forest?” and the old woman gives information by saying ,”it’s very far from here.”  The young man doesn’t believe her information, so he denies it by saying ,”Are you sure?”.

 1.”Excuse me, Madam. Do you know the way to get out of   this forest ?”
 2.”It’s very far from will not find the way because it is alredy dark”
 3.”Are you sure ?” I think I have walked for a long time”
 4.”Believe me. Just spend the night here and continue your journey tomorrow.”
These two forms are used for asking for information on the telephone:
•    I'm calling to find out...
•    I'm calling about...
Formula    Question Word    Example Finish
Could you tell me     when     the next train leaves?
Do you know     how much     that vase costs?
Could you find out     when     she is going to arrive?

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