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Text 1
My New Friends

Last month I attended an international conference in New York organized by UNESCO. I met lots of people from different countries there, and I made friends with Pierre Chevalier, Kevin Smith, and Mei Ling.
Pierre is from Marseille, France. He is a doctor and is in his late forties. He looks rather thin; perhaps because he is vary tall. He must be over 1.80 m. his neatly trimmed beard is the first thing you would notice about him. When we were together, he was always cheerful, and he made us laugh a lot.
Next is Kevin Smith. Kevin is a thirty-five-year-old lecturer from Washington D.C. he is not tall for an African-American, just about 1.70m, I guess; and he is of medium build. I like his curly black hair and thin moustache. Kevin showed us the sights of New York during a tour of the city. He was very helpful and never got tired of answering our questions about the Big Apple.

1.    Who attended the international conference in New York?
A.    the writer
B.    Pierre Chevalier
C.    Kevin Smith
D.    Mei Ling
E.    All of them
2.    Which of  the followings is not true about Pierre?
A.    He is very young
B.    He is very tall
C.    He has neatly trimmed beard
D.    He is cheerful
E.    He made people around him laugh
3.    Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?
A.    Kevin is younger than Pierre
B.    Kevin is not taller than Pierre
C.    Kevin has black hair
D.    Kevin is a doctor 
E.    Kevin explained the Big Apple during the tour

Text 2

    Scorpions, like spiders, are not insects. They have eight legs and are termed as “arachnids”. They are found only in certain countries. They have big claws by which they catch their prey. Scorpions have long, thin tails with a poisonous sting at the end.
    Very few scorpions are poisonous enough to kill a person, but their stings can be extremely painful. Some people think that the big black scorpions are very dangerous. This is not true. The most dangerous species are the pale yellow scorpions found in the deserts.
    Scorpions live in hot, tropical countries. During the day they hide under rocks, fallen trees, in holes in the ground and other dark places. At night, they came out to catch their prey. When the sun rises, they return to their shelter.
    The diet of scorpions consist of grasshoppers, beetles, crickets, cockroach, moths and other insect as well as spiders and other smaller creatures.
    One special feature about the scorpions is that, the mother scorpions carries her babies on her back until they are big enough to live on their own.

4.    The first paragraph tells us about
A.    the difference between scorpions and spiders
B.    insects which have eight legs
C.    how scorpions catch their prey
D.    what the scorpions are
E.    scorpions’ poisonous tail

5.    The passage above mentions that scorpions catch their prey by their
A.    claws
B.    stings
C.    tails
D.    legs
E.    “ arachnids”
6.    Which is the most dangerous scorpion?
A.    black scorpion
B.    big black scorpion
C.    pale yellow scorpions
D.    tropical scorpion
E.    poisonous scorpion
7.    “This is not true “(line 6). What does “this” refer to?
A.    Very few scorpions are poisonous enough to kill a person
B.    Their stings can be extremely painful
C.    Some people think that the big black scorpions are very dangerous
D.    Scorpions have long, thin tails with a poisonous sting
E.    The pale yellow scorpions found in the deserts.
8.    When do scorpions hunt for their food?
A.    During the day
B.    At night
C.    When the sun rises
D.    When they hide under rocks
E.    in hot season
9.    According to the passage, scorpions eat the followings, except
A.    grasshoppers
B.    beetles
C.    crickets
D.    spiders
E.    other creatures

A well known tourist centre in Indonesia lies east of Java across the shallow Bali strait. A ferry runs between Banyuwangi in East Java and Gilimanuk in Bali.
There is chain of volcanoes from west to east in this island. Some of these volcanoes are mount Agung, mount Batur, mount Kau, and +mount Bakungan. Mount Agung (3,142 m) is the highest of all. Most rivers flow to the south from the central, mountains.
Bali has the same climates, fauna and flora as Java. There are tigers in the west and in most part of Bali there are a large number of deer and pigs. It rains a lot in Bali and many kinds of plants and trees can grow there. Farmers work on their land. There is a good irrigation system in Bali. People call this irrigation system “Subak”.  

10.    Where does Bali lie?
A.    It lies east of Java
B.    It lies across the Bali strait
C.    It lies in the centre of Indonesia
D.    It lies in Indonesia
E.    It lies in the west of Java
11.    How can the tourists get to Gilimanuk from Banyuwangi?
A.    by car
B.    by bus
C.    by plane
D.    by train
E.    by ferry
12.    The passage implies that the fauna and flora in Bali
A.    are the same as those in Java
B.    are different from those in Java
C.     are tigers, pigs and deer
D.    derived from Java
E.    move to Java
13.    According to the passage, what is meant by “Subak”?
A.    The farmers in Bali
B.    The irrigation system in Bali
C.    The irrigation system in Bali and East Java
D.    The kinds of plants and trees in Bali
E.    The centre of Hindu Religion in Bali
14.    In what way does Bali have the same climate as that of Java?
A.    A lot of plants and trees grow in Bali
B.    It rains much in Bali
C.    Many beautiful country side found in Bali
D.    Many tourists visit Bali
E.    Bali lies in east of Java
15.    It is indicated in the passage that mount Agung is ………….
A.    the only mountain in Bali
B.    the highest volcano in Bali
C.    not as bid as mount Batur
D.    a chain of volcanoes in Bali
E.    where the rivers flow

16.    Shinta is from Yogyakarta. She is beautiful. Her hair hangs loose around her shoulders. I like to be with her although she is talkative.
The underlined word means
A.    say in word
B.    speak thing
C.    say thing
D.    doesn’t talk much
E.    fond of talking
17.    She always ………… her clothes on Mondays.
A.    wash
B.    to wash
C.    washing
D.    washes
E.    washed
18.    Mr. Sartono always goes to his office early in the morning so he …….. comes late.
A.    never
B.    sometimes
C.    always
D.    often
E.    occasionally
19.    According to the witness, the robber has got flat nose, curly hair, and long chin.
The sentence above describes someone’s……..
A.    attitudes
B.    appearances
C.    personalities
D.    habits
E.    hobbies
20.    Our teacher is not only nice but he is also very kind hearted. We all admire his
A.    appearance
B.    beauty
C.    personalities
D.    kindness
E.    habits
21.    My parents have bought a new house with four bedrooms.
We can also say:
My parents have bought a new …………….
A.    a new four-bedrooms house
B.    a new four-bedroom houses
C.    a new four-bedroom house
D.    new four-bedrooms houses
E.    new four bedroom houses
22.    Every day my father walks to work and ….. home by bus.
A.    come
B.    comes
C.    went
D.    go
E.    is going
23.    The villagers make bags and …….. them at the market.
A.    sell
B.    sells
C.    to sell
D.    sold
E.    are selling
24.    We are really in need of money so we ……….. our car.
A.    bought
B.    caught
C.    sought
D.    sold
E.    spent
25.    Some students weren’t able to come because they ……..  very busy
A.    are
B.    was
C.    were
D.    have
E.    had

26.    We didn’t invite her to the party, so she …….
A.    isn’t come
B.    wasn’t come
C.    doesn’t came
D.    didn’t come
E.    hasn’t come
27.    They were very nervous as the plane took off because they ……. Before.
A.    never fly
B.    never flew
C.    had never flown
D.    were never flying
E.    have never flow
28.    Tina: What do you think of the program with Japanese OISCA students?
Wira: ………. they are interesting.
A.    I don’t know
B.    I don’t care
C.    You are right
D.    In my opinion
E.    Yes, I agree
29.    Susan: Do you agree that studying English is very important for us?
Sunie: …………. It is very useful for our future.
A.    No, I don’t agree
B.    Yes, I agree with you
C.    Yes, it is right
D.    No, it is not important
E.    It doesn’t matter
30.    “…………………… to prepare the English test last night?
A.    Did you had time
B.    Did you have time
C.    Do you have time
D.    Do you had time
E.    Have you had

Answer these questions in complete sentences.

31.    Tell us about your father or mother. What does he/she look like?

32.    What do you know about “Sangkuriang”? Write a good paragraph about him.

33.    a. What are most houses around the city in Indonesia made of?
b. Where do many people stay in the past?
c. What is a type of luxury apartment called?

34.    Write a description of your own!
a. My name is ………………..
b. ………………………………years ………
c. …………………………………. tall
d. My hair…………………………………
e. I have ………………………………….
f. My eyes……………………………….
g. My cheeks……………………………..

35. Describe your house!

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