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PASSIVE VOICE (kalimat pasif)

Kalimat passif adalah kalimat dimana subjek dikenai tindakan/pekerjaan, sedangkan kalimat aktif subjeklah yang melakukan tindakan/pekerjaan.
Hal yang perlu diperhatikan dalam merubah aktif ke pasif adalah:
•    Yang dapat dijadikan kalimat passive adalah Verbal Sentence (kalimat yang predikatnya kata kerja/V)
•    Verbal sentence yang dapat dirubah ke Passive Voice (kalimat pasif) adalah kalimat yang memiliki objek penderita.
•    Perubahan aktif ke pasif atau sebaliknya tidak merubah makna kalimat. Perubahan iti terjadi hanya pada struktur kalimatnya saja.
•     Ciri kalimat pasif/passive voice adalah  to be + V3  dan kata by (kata ini bukan merupakan syarat yang harus ada dalam kalimat pasif )

Contoh : (Aktive)   Bajuri loves Oneng
                                   S     P/V1      O
               (Passive)  Oneng is loved by Bajuri.
                                    S          P/V3
               (Active)    I bought a new motorcycle last week.
               (passive)   A new motorcycle was bought by me last week

Rumus Pola aktif-pasif untuk semua tenses
Tenses    Active    Passive
Simple Present
Simple Past    S + V1
S + V2    S + am/is/are + V3
S + was/were + V3
Present Continuous
Present perfect continuous
Past Continuous
Past Perfect Continuous
Future Continuous
Future Perfect Continuous
Past Futurre Continuous
Past Future Perfect Continu    S + am/is/are + V-ing
S + have/has + been + V-ing
S + was/were + V-ing
S + had + been + V-ing
S + will/shall + be + V-ing
S + will + have + V-ing
S + would + be + V-ing+
S +would +have+been+V-ing    S + am/is/are + being + V3
S + have/has +been + being  +V3
S + was/were + being + V3
S + had + been + being + V3
S + will/shall + be + being + V3
S + will +have+been+ being +V3
S + would + be + being + V3
S +would+have+been+ being+V3
Simple Perfect
Past Perfect    S + have/has + V3
S + had + V3    S + have/has + been + V3
S + had + been + V3
Simple Future
Past Future
Modal (present)
Modal (past)    S + will/shall + V1
S + would/should + V1
S + may/can/must + V1
S + might/could/had to + V1    S + will/shall + be + V3
S + would/should + be + V3
S + may/can/must + be + V3
S + might/could/had to + be + V3
Jadi lebih singkatnya ciri kalimat pasif/passive voice selain by + O adalah
Future/modal    am/is/are + V3
was/were + V3
been + V3
being + V3
be + V3

Contoh Soal
1.    A : Look! The girl is crying. What happened to her just now?
B : While playing with her brother, she ____
a. kicks                d. was kicking
b. kicked                e. was kicked
c. will kick
    Jawaban : E (simple past: S + was/were + V3)
2.    A : Do you know the result of the test?
B : Not yet. The announcement ____ twice.
a. was postponed            d. has to be postponed
b. was being postponed        e. has been postponed
c. will be postponed
    Jawaban : A (konteks kalimat adalah simple past)
3.    Mela : Why do you prefer Surya Depstore to others?
Noni : Because the items ____ at a reasonable price.
a. is sold                d. were sold
b. are sold                e. had been sold
c. was sold
    Jawaban: B (konteks kalimat adalah simple present. Karena subjek items jamak maka
                           to be yang sesuai adalah are)
4.    X : There’s no longer a rule for the youth to enter military service in Britain.
Y : Really, when….?
a. was it abolishing        d. was it to abolish
b. did it abolish            e. to be abolished
c. was it abolished
    Jawaban: C (pola pasif introgative simple past: was/were + S + V3)
5.    Dita : When did the accident happen?
Dini : When the goods ____ from the truck.
a. have been unloaded        d. will be unloaded
b. were being unloaded        e. are unloaded
c. are being unloaded
    Jawabab: B (pola pasif past continuaou tense: S + was/were + being + V3)

Soal-Soal Latihan
1.    R.A. Kartini ____ in Jepara in 1879.
a. is born                d. would be born
b. was born            e. has been born
c. will be born
2.  The books in the library ___ in alphabetical order.
    a. is arranged            d. have arranged
    b. was arranged            e. has arranged
    c. have been arranged
3.   A big dam ___ in this area next year.
    a. will build            d. has been built
    b. will be built            e. is being built
    c. would be built
4.   We can’t swim in the swimming pool now because it ___.
    a. was being cleaned        d. will clean
    b. is being cleaned            e. cleaned
    c. has been cleaned
5.   They had just been living in the house for two years when it ___ by the fire.
    a. destroyed            d. will be destroyed
    b. had destroyed            e. is being destroyed
    c. was destroyed
6.   She looks after the baby well.
    The passive form is ____
    a. the baby is well looked after        d. the baby is being looked after well
    b. the baby was looked after well        e. the baby would be well looked after
    c. the baby will be well looked after
7.   Everybody knew that he had shown great loyalty to the company, therefore he ____ a big sum of money at the anniversary of the company.
    a. rewarded            d. is being rewarded
    b. was rewarded            e. has been rewarded
    c. will be rewarded
8.   At the moment the old building ____ to make space dor a parking lot.
    a. demolishing            d. had been demilishing
    b. is being demolished        e. is demolishing
    c. was being demolishing
9.   Sita is waiting for her birthday party dress because she ____ a new one by her mother.
    a. has promised            d. has been promising
    b. will be promised        e. was being promised
    c. will be promised
10. As the victem was badly hurt in the car accident, he ____ to the nearest hospital.
    a. will be taken            d. was taken
    b. is being taken            e. took
    c. has been taken

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